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Frequently Committed Mistakes By First-Time Home Buyers

  • 1 year ago
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Forgetting to Pre-Qualify for a Home Loan

As a general rule, avoid one fundamental mistake. Learn that the builder will see you more favorably if you have a pre-approved mortgage. It provides tangible evidence of your ability to pay and aids you in making a determination about your ability to repay loans. Find out what kind of home loan you are qualified for based on your savings and creditworthiness. This procedure ensures that there will be no unpleasant surprises or unforeseen T&C and automatically calculates your home purchase budget.

Extension Of Budget For Emotion

Top among the errors made by first-time home buyers. One well-known real estate executive noted that when looking for their first house, people frequently become emotionally connected to a property. Like when they saw the mansion of their dreams, which the entire family also adores, but which is much beyond their means and their loan eligibility.

As a result, the buyer feels that a slight financial strain during the first few months can be managed and moves beyond their own buying capacity. The reality is that it will exhaust you on a variety of levels. You will struggle to pay for daily necessities and emergencies like unplanned medical costs, growing school costs, insurance premiums, etc. Stress from financial hardship will interfere with your family life in the new home.

Being Un-Logical

When choosing their first house, many purchasers neglect to consider old age, handicap, illness, and other similar life circumstances. In the long run, these buyers are frequently compelled to sell their first home, especially as they get older and have to look all over again for a condo that is more appropriate for their situation. For instance, if you feel comfortable using the stairs as many times as necessary, the absence of an elevator in a building may not disturb you.

The same could not be true for your parents and other elderly family members when you are older or right now. The best way to avoid making this house-buying error is to sit down with the entire family and make a list of priorities for location, layout, and amenities before starting the home search, to ensure that no one in the family feels uncomfortable in the ideal home.

‘Zero Down Payment

Yes, it does seem like the most logical choice to pursue and own a home at a young age. But think carefully before doing. Be aware that a little or no down payment eventually entails a higher interest rate and a longer payback period, thereby “tying” you to the loan cycle for the rest of your life. Even though the ideal 20% down payment may become impractical, attempt to aim for the usual range of 6%–10%.


The Legal Aspects

Another essential aspect that needs attention. If you want to purchase a house risk-free and keep it as a potential investment, be sure to carefully consider all the legal requirements related to owning the property.

How to? The top factor in this is getting in touch with a reputable constructing company. Because a reputable builder will make sure to carry out the sale and property transfer process in accordance with all laws.


In essence, home ownership is a lifelong commitment. Be mindful and wise when making the purchase, therefore. Count on Team Secret-365 for assistance. With the intention of providing everyone a Home Sweet Home. Follow us 

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